Science Shop Engage 2012/13

The second edition of the Science Shop ezine Engage is now available to download.

We hope that you enjoy reading about some of the community projects we have worked on with students during the past year.

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Science Shop Twenty Year Anniversary Exhibition
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“Help the Aged value our ongoing partnership with the Science Shop because the outcome is a win win situation. The Science Shop projects are really worthwhile, as we seek to improve the quality of life for our older generation.”

Seamus Lynch, Help the Aged public officer

“The work of students has been of enormous value to us. We are very grateful for the motivation, enthusiasm and commitment that the students lend to their project work and their understanding of the practical application of their work which goes towards the control of cancer within our community.”

Sandra Gordon, from Ulster Cancer Foundation

“The Science Shop projects have helped Amnesty show how widespread the experience of racism is for members of the minority ethnic community in Northern Ireland.”

Patrick Corrigan, NI Programme Director for Amnesty International

What is The Science Shop?

The Science Shop is an initiative run jointly by Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast. We work with community organisations across Northern Ireland who need support to investigate an issue.

Students can undertake a Science Shop project as part of their degree.

Science Shop comes from the original Dutch 'wetenschapswinkel' where science is translated as knowledge.

How does The Science Shop work?

A community group suggests project idea or a student proposes a potential community-based project. The Science Shop staff act as mediators, identifying appropriate student to undertake projects.

If a student is interested in a project a meeting is arranged with the partner group.

Students can help you with:

  • Health Science queries
  • Legal issues
  • Environmental and Geographical Questions
  • Information Technology requests
  • Art & Design issues
  • Business , Marketing and Publicity queries
  • Historical research

NOTE: Groups who can make a contribution to the costs may be asked to do so.

Your thoughts of The Science Shop

Has your group completed a project with The Science Shop, let us know how useful the project was. Visit our

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