So you're interested in our projects, check out what's available on our online system.

Community groups submit projects ideas throughout the year and these are available to be viewed at

Types of projects you could work on:

Social & Policy Issues

Includes training, human rights, education, young people and children’s issues, issues effecting older people, cross-community projects, women’s issues and social exclusion.


Includes disability, mental health, learning disabilities, carers’ issues and questions relating to specific illnesses.

Legal Issues

Includes the interpretation and the implementation of legislation and human rights issues.

Environment & Geography

Includes rights of way, rural transport issues, environmental awareness and recycling.

Information Technology

Includes web page design and content development, relational database development and educational tools and programmes.

Art and Design

Includes a wide range of disciplines from architectural projects to designing promotional materials.

Business Marketing and Publicity

Includes marketing plans, fund-raising ideas, economic revitalisation opportunities and community business plans.


Local history research.


Screen Shot