You will probably have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most common.

Q and A

01. Why call it The Science Shop?

The Science Shop name comes from the original Dutch 'wetenschapswinkel' where science is translated as knowledge. We have retained the name because we are part of an international network of Science Shops based mainly in Universities and supported by the European Commission.

02. Will I be paid?

Sorry no, you will not be paid. Remember community groups come to The Science Shop to access students because they don't have the funds to commission consultants. However some groups may be able to repay any travel, photocopying and postage expenses you incur while carrying out the project. This arrangement will be outlined in our agreement.

03. What’s the time frame?

This depends on how much time you have, the module you are completing or even the type of course you are studying For example some projects are taken up during 2nd year with the final project submitted in the second semester of final year. Completing an action-based project may involve a little additional work but will be more rewarding. Remember you will be able to access additional support and information through The Science Shop and the partner community group.

04. Why should I bother?

The Science Shop projects offer you an opportunity to complete action-based work in the community. You get to put theory into practice. You will also develop new skills including time management and communication skills. It may help you to decide on which career path you wish to pursue.

On completing a project you will receive a UU certificate confirming your participation in The Science Shop activity. Every project that is completed is entered into the annual Science Shop Student Award with a prize fund of £1000 at each University.

05. I like the project idea but don’t think
I have the skills?

The live list of project ideas available onlinewill provide you with an insight into what groups need! However there may be other areas you would like to explore with a particular group.

06. No projects interest me, but I like the related topic?

If you are not interested in any of the project ideas listed, but would like to complete research with one of the groups included on the live list, please contact The Science Shop to discuss your project idea.

07. What next?

Click here to visit our online registration form. Once registered The Science Shop will contact you to discuss a potential project and arrange a meeting with a community partner.