What is The Science Shop?

The Science Shop is the point of contact between community and voluntary groups and the University. The Science Shop allows you as an Ulster University student to take the knowledge you have gained through your degree and to apply it, thus providing a real solution for a community group.

The Science Shop experience allows you to develop skills that will compliment your academic achievements, including communication and time management.

The Science Shop provides you with a great opportunity to work on a project that will have an impact with a local community organisation.

The Science Shop prize

A Science Shop Student Award of úl,000 is awarded annually by both Ulster University and Queen's . An independent panel chooses two projects at each University deemed to be the best projects.

Learn a little about previous winners.

How does The Science Shop work?

A community group suggests a project idea and these can be accessed at

If you are interested in a project complete the student registration form (see below).

If you have difficulty in identifying just one project you can rate projects in order of preference. Click here to look at live project list or click here to register.

Science Shop staff will arrange a meeting between you and the community group. At this meeting you will have a chance to discuss the project idea in detail.

Community groups often need help with:

  • Health Science queries
  • Legal issues
  • Environmental and Geographical Questions
  • Information Technology requests
  • Art & Design issues
  • Business , Marketing and Publicity queries
  • Historical research

Your thoughts of The Science Shop

Your thoughts ...Have you completed a project with The Science Shop?let us know what you thought or the experience? Visit our Student Evaluation Form.